How Sedation Dentistry Can Help

Sedation dentistry has been used for many years to help patients overcome obstacles that keep them from getting dental care. Sedation dentistry can help if you:

  • Are anxious
  • Tense up for dental care
  • Can’t sit still
  • Are sore during or after dental care
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Have difficulty getting numb

Sedation dentistry helps with these things in large part because many of them are linked to anxiety. Anxiety can make people tense up during dental care or make them fidget during care, leading to soreness in your neck, jaw, back, or arms during or after treatment.

Anxiety can also make your gag reflex more sensitive. You are thinking about the dental procedure, and this can help trigger your gag reflex. The same is true of anesthesia. If you are nervous about your procedure, your body processes anesthesia more rapidly, burning it up before it can really make you numb.

How Sedation Dentistry Works

The most common type of sedation dentistry is what is called oral conscious sedation. This is just a pill that you take before coming into the office. It can start working before your procedure starts, making it easier for you to deal with the stress you might experience in the waiting room or during the first part of your appointment. In some cases, Torrance, CA dentist Dr. Webber might prescribe a second pill for you to take the night before to help you sleep. That depends on the level of your anxiety.

With sedation dentistry, you will need a responsible adult to drive you to your appointment, take you home, and stay with you until you are sufficiently recovered. We will ask about this before your appointment so we can have it on file and know who to expect.

Are You a Good Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

So how do you know if sedation dentistry is right for you? Sedation dentistry is recommended for people who:

If you are skipping dental care because of anxiety, a strong gag reflex, or difficulty getting numb, you should consider sedation dentistry. If you are in generally good health, sedation dentistry might be the right choice for you. There are only a few conditions of concern, and we’ll talk to you about them, as well as what medications interact with sedation.

Overcome Dental Anxiety in Torrance, CA

Are you tired of letting anxiety and other problems keep you from getting the dental care you need or want? Let Dr. Webber help. Please call (310) 534-3477 today to talk to him about sedation dentistry at Simply Smiles in Torrance, CA.