What Makes Teeth Discolored

Discolored teeth are common. Tooth discoloration is usually caused by surface stains. These stains come from dark-colored foods and beverages, such as:

  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Tea
  • Dark beers
  • Chocolate
  • Berries

The staining molecules from these foods and beverages get trapped on the surface of your teeth, usually in the tiny ridges and textures of the tooth that are too small to see. Acidic foods like wine can increase the texture of your teeth, making it easier for more stains to get trapped there. That’s why even a light-colored drink like white wine can contribute to staining: it’s acidic and etches the teeth, creating more space for stain molecules.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Teeth whitening uses chemicals that attack the stain molecules trapped in your teeth. The most common is a form of peroxide, which breaks the large stain molecules apart and removes them from the surface of your teeth.

There are many different ways to apply whiteners to your teeth. We offer GLO whitening. In this treatment, you simply use the brush on the prepackaged vials to paint the whitener onto your teeth. This can work on its own to attack stain molecules and remove them. However, you can also use the GLO light source to accelerate the action of the whitener with heat. This makes the whitener work faster so that you can achieve results in a shorter period of time.

Why Choose Professional Whitening

These days, there are many options for teeth whitening that you can pick up at the grocery store. However, there are good reasons to choose professional whitening to help you achieve your bright white smile.

First, a dentist can evaluate your teeth to make sure they’re healthy before you start your teeth whitening.

Second, a dentist can look at the stains on your teeth and tell you if they will respond to whitening or if they might need a different treatment to achieve the brilliant smile you’re looking for.

Finally, Torrance, CA cosmetic dentist Dr. Webber has access to stronger whitening compounds than are available in the store. He will show you how to use the whiteners safely and effectively so that you can achieve more balanced and more effective whitening.

If you want the best whitening you can achieve for your teeth, it’s best to work with a dentist.

What If Whitening Doesn’t Work for Your Teeth?

While teeth whitening works great on most surface stains, there are a number of situations where it just won’t help.

For example, if tooth discoloration is related to defects in your enamel or because thin enamel is letting the tooth’s dark interior show through, whitening won’t help. In some cases, whitening can make it worse, in fact.

Whitening also won’t help if the tooth has turned dark because it’s damaged or infected. In this case, you might need a different procedure like a dental veneer, dental crown, or even root canal therapy.

It’s best to know beforehand how much whitening might help your smile. It will keep you from wasting time and money on a treatment that won’t help.

Get a Brighter Smile in Torrance, CA

If you’re tired of suffering from a discolored smile, cosmetic dentist Dr. Webber can help. He will let you know if teeth whitening is right for you and steer you to the most effective option in your case. He is good at giving clear explanations that make it easier for you to make complicated decisions about the health and beauty of your smile.

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